Cheap Flights to Australia

Cheap Flights to Australia

Despite Australia's huge appeal to overseas travellers, the majority of Australians wait until late in life to explore their own country. For an incredible holiday, you don't need to look far – Australia boasts some of the world's top beaches, a spread of top-rated vineyards and some incredible cities.

Explore the cities of Australia

The most visited cities in Australia are Melbourne and Sydney, two cities that share a fierce but friendly rivalry. Highlights include the beaches at St Kilda and Bondi, the MCG and the Sydney Opera House, and the bohemian culture in Fitzroy and Newtown.

There's plenty else to see in the rest of the country too, and flights to Adelaide, Broome and Hobart help to show vastly different areas of Australia.

Australia's best beaches

With so much of Australia's population being found on the coast, there are strong and varied opinions about which is Australia's best beach.

Victoria's Bells Beach, WA's Cottesloe Beach and Tasmania's Wineglass Bay are all contenders for the crown, but most people would agree that the best area for beaches is the east coast, extending thousands of kilometres from Jervis Bay up to Cairns.

Aside from the actual beaches, Cairns is a popular stopping off point for diving at the Great Barrier Reef, while Exmouth on the west coast is a great place to explore the Ningaloo Reef from.

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Domestic flights in Australia

With more than 150 airports across Australia offering scheduled passenger services, there's a huge choice of destinations to visit.

The busiest airport in the country is Sydney Kingsford Smith, followed by Melbourne Tullamarine, Brisbane Airport, Perth Airport and Adelaide Airport.

The majority of Australian destinations are linked by the big four airlines: Jetstar, Qantas, Tiger and Virgin Australia. However, some of the smaller airports are visited by the likes of Rex, Air North and Fly Pelican.

Further inspiration

Discover Australia - The World's Best in Your Own Backyard

Whether it's a spontaneous weekend away or a week-long break, it's common to gravitate towards the country's best city spots. But for your next holiday, why not do something a little different and experience one of these uniquely Aussie landmarks?

Best places for food and wine in Australia

Did you know that visiting tourists from France, China, the USA, India, Malaysia, South Korea and Britain rank Australia as the number one destination for food and wine in the world?

Top 10 roads trips in Australia

Looking for inspiration for a road trip around Australia? Here's a comprehensive list of routes, from Great Ocean Road to Kangaroo Island. Now all you need is a car or a campervan, and you're set to go!

Top surf spots in Australia

Although Australia offers a lot of unique and exciting attractions, it will always be known as the home of the finest and most distinguished surfing spots in the world. With a massive coastline of nearly 37,000 kilometres, Australia has certainly become one of the world's premier surfing destinations.


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