Cheap flights to Japan

Welcome to Japan, a country where progress and tradition carry equal importance, and outsiders can spend decades untangling the captivating juxtapositions that occur there. As a traveller to Japan, you likely will not spend the years necessary in the city to unravel its intricacies, but even a short trip can help you understand the energy behind the country. Visitors to Japan are affected by the country’s vibe whether they stay for a day or for years.

Japan is known for its relatively high cost of living, but a trip there will not break your bank account if you plan well. To start, you should check out the cheap flights to Japan on Skyscanner, and then start looking for one of the few affordable hotels in any of the top tourist cities. As you plan your Japanese vacation, keep in mind that hotels and experiences in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan’s two largest cities, do not always come cheap. Neither do accommodations and activities in the fancy resort city of Nagano. But, these destinations are definitely worth your time and as much of your budget as you can allow. They are overflowing with outstanding sights that suit nearly any taste and preference, and there are enough things to do there to keep you busy.

Some say that it is impossible to see all of Japan’s best landmarks and tourist spots in anything less than two months. And most will end up staying a lot less than that time. The best thing you can do then, as you plan for a Japanese vacation, is to make a list of some of the top things that would be great to experience as a first-time visitor. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Climb Mt. Fuji or play a round of golf in its shadow

Shop for Japanese contemporary fashion and enjoy amazing people-watching in Tokyo’s Shinjuku District

Hang with hipsters in Osaka’s bars and cafés

Immerse yourself in the delicacy and elegance of Kyoto’s temples and teahouses

Ski and snowboard on the Olympic-level runs in Nagano and Hokkaido

Wander through multi-story snow sculptures at the Sapporo Snow Festival, a thrilling event for kids and adults 

Relax in hot springs with wild mountain monkeys

Scuba dive, surf, and suntan your days away in Okinawa

The beaches of Japan are best enjoyed in the summertime and winter sports require winter snow. Fall and spring in Japan bring relief from the scores of tourists who flock to the country, and that means that these seasons are when you will see better flight prices and hotel deals. 

Getting to Japan from Canada is easy. Air Canada and Air Japan offer direct flights to Tokyo from Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. You will also find many direct flights to Osaka from Vancouver and Toronto. If you do not mind including a layover in your plan, your choice of airlines and the chances of getting a bigger discount improve greatly. 

Once you arrive in Japan, it is easy to instantly transfer to the Shinkansen, Japan’s unrivalled bullet train. Public transportation in Japan is so clean, convenient, and far-reaching that you probably will not need to rent a car unless you intend to venture well off the beaten path.

If you are ready to experience the rich, rewarding culture of one of the world’s most unique and special countries, start looking for cheap flights to Japan here on Skyscanner.